Adult Indoor Information

2021 Season I- Over 30


Manchester Arsenal Everton Southampton Tottenham
Patrick Gordon Larry Preiss Cesar Hernandez Dwayne Forrester Richard Saturday
Milton Mollison Richard Pratt Miguel Ramos Jesus Perfecto Johnathan Tatman
Cleon Murray Brent Iverson Stephen Kelly Esteban Alvarez Bruce Vinyard
Roberto Castillo Derek Stanley Marc Cranford Brandon Ballew Harlen McCullough
Fabian Rose Walter Vasquez Diego Garcia Gene Stolp Jeff LeMaster
Jacob Johnston Giovanni Nicholson Tomas Bautista Ashley "Tiny" Peters LaRico Pope
  Rafael Siqueira Allister Ramdeen Lucas Guimaraes Bruce McColumn
Marsha Massey Maria Bates Ashlynne Bass Jenna Dooley Joyia Pope
Cheyenne Merritt Tammy Mayo April Lockman Jessica Adams Kristen Vinyard
        Jimella Johnson
Chelsea Newcastle Sunderland Liverpool Fulham
Paul Nordstrom O.C Nwosu Miguel  Del Valle Ramon Alvarez Matt Spradlin
Mark Howard Kayode "K" Popoola Leo Hernandez Juan Martinez Justin Dooley
Todd Marlow Ike Nwosu Juan Cacatzum Shawn Massengale Miguel Ibanez
Kenny Smith Roberto Cortez Patricio Dominguez Matt Cagle Kevin Manley
Jeremy Woodruff Tony Ventura Adrian Montalvo Nathan Becker Luis Rivera
Chris Gholston Kacy Orr Alejandro Montalvo Brandon Rose Paul Honcharik
Mike Breedlove John Fahey Gerardo Mejia   Frank Kleisrath
Cindy Griswell Cindy Griswell Cheyenne Merritt Lenae Rose Missy Massey
Marsha Massey Tammy Mayo Missy Massey April Lockman Jenna Dooley

* Please read there are some important things for this season!

* Just like the previous season, we will be playing with 4 males on the field and 1 female. That is the reason for some teams having 7 guys.

* We have changed the age of female players due to the shortage of females in the league. Women age 21 and up are now eligible to play. (Previous age was 25) New female players also receive 50% off their first season.

* PICK-UP rule change!!! If a team has enough male players to play (4), there will be no pickups allowed!(Yes, that means you will have no sub!) If a team has 3 male players they are allowed 1 pickup in order to have a full team on the field! (Still no sub, but hey you aren't playing short either!) A team is allowed to pick up a female player or players if they wish to have subs. So.. you have 4 guys and 1 female show up to play. You may not pickup another male player but if you wish you could add another female to be a sub. You have 3 males and 1 female show up to play. You may pick up 1 male to have a full team and you may also pickupa  female for a sub. If there is any confusion, someone will be there to clarify things. 


    2021 Season I- Over 30 Indoor      
              Home Away
          21-Jan Thursday    
            7:00 Arsenal Chelsea
            8:00 Tottenham Newcastle
          9:00 Liverpool Fulham
    Home Away       Home Away
25-Jan Monday       28-Jan Thursday    
  7:00 Tottenham Everton     7:00 Newcastle Liverpool
  8:00 Southampton Arsenal     8:00 Fulham Chelsea
  9:00 Chelsea Manchester     9:00 Sunderland Tottenham
    Home Away       Home Away
1-Feb Monday       4-Feb Thursday    
  7:00 Manchester Southampton   7:00 Newcastle Fulham
  8:00 Everton Sunderland     8:00 Tottenham Manchester
  9:00 Arsenal Newcastle     9:00 Liverpool Chelsea
    Home Away       Home Away
8-Feb Monday       11-Feb Thursday    
  7:00 Everton Arsenal     7:00 Tottenham Liverpool
  8:00 Southampton Sunderland     8:00 Chelsea Newcastle
  9:00 Manchester Fulham     9:00 Arsenal Sunderland
    Home Away       Home Away
15-Feb Monday       18-Feb Thursday    
  7:00 Chelsea Southampton   7:00 Newcastle Sunderland
  8:00 Liverpool Arsenal     8:00 Everton Manchester
  9:00 Fulham Everton     9:00 Southampton Tottenham
    Home Away       Home Away
22-Feb Monday       25-Feb Thursday    
  7:00 Manchester Newcastle     7:00 Fulham Arsenal
  8:00 Southampton Fulham     8:00 Liverpool Everton
  9:00 Sunderland Liverpool     9:00 Tottenham Chelsea
    Home Away       Home Away
1-Mar Monday       4-Mar Thursday    
  7:00 Chelsea Everton     7:00 Liverpool Southampton
  8:00 Fulham Tottenham     8:00 Chelsea Sunderland
  9:00 Arsenal Manchester     9:00 Newcastle Everton
    Home Away       Home Away
8-Mar Monday       11-Mar Thursday    
  7:00 Tottenham Arsenal     7:00 Everton Southampton
  8:00 Manchester Sunderland     8:00 Newcastle Chelsea
  9:00 Southampton Newcastle     9:00 Fulham Liverpool
    Home Away       Home Away
15-Mar Monday       18-Mar Thursday (games from Jan 18th)
  7:00 Sunderland Arsenal     7:00 Fulham Sunderland
  8:00 Manchester Tottenham     8:00 Manchester Liverpool
  9:00         9:00 Everton Southampton



Adult Indoor Questions? Contact the adult coordinators below:

MARSHA - 678-612-8276;
JENNA - 678-592-8627;
MISSY - 678-595-3476;


Registration NOW OPEN for 2021 Over 30 Season I

Registration for 2021 Season I Over 30 is now open through January 10th.
The season is set to begin January 18th.

Player fees for Over 30 Coed: $75 per player per season.
Uniform Fee for Over 30 Coed: $20 for new players includes both orange and gray jerseys.

In the Adult Over 30 Coed League, players register themselves and RYSA forms the teams. Games for this division will be played on Mondays & Thursdays, using the 7:00, 8:00 & 9:00 time slots.  ALL players must be registered through the Blue Sombrero in order to play (see registration information below. If you have trouble registering, email Goalkeepers are supplied for the Over 30 league, email if you are interested in playing keeper.

Over 30 League  Online Registration Instructions
Click on the "REGISTRATION" tab at the top right of the RYSA website ( to begin the online registration. 
If you already have an account in Blue Sombrero: log-in and if it's your first time registering yourself as a player, you will need to add yourself as a "PARTICIPANT" and then register.
If you do not have a Blue Sombrero account: click to "create a new user account" using your information. You will then need to add yourself as a "participant" and then select to register for the appropriate program. If you have any trouble email, for assistance. 

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