Recreation Uniforms

Recreation Uniform Ordering Link: CLICK HERE 

Additional info, including JERSEY NUMBER choices for U10-U19 & FAQ: CLICK HERE 

The U6 & U8 recreation kit (fall, winter, spring, & summer) consists of blue & gray t-shirts without a number.
The U10-U19 recreation kit (fall, winter, spring, & summer) is blue & gray jerseys with a number.
(Optional ordering items include black shorts and black socks) Any black shorts and soccer socks are acceptable. 

Soccer Shinguards
Soccer Cleats (fall & spring only)
Soccer Ball - size 3 for U6 & U8size 4 for U10 & U12; size 5 for U14-U19 

**Jewerly not allowed during practices and games

If you have difficulty ordering via - please call 877-308-7989 and say you need to place your order for "Rockdale Youth Soccer-Rec".  **Be sure to mention it's for Rec.


For U10-U19 Recreation Uniforms, you MUST select a JERSEY NUMBER based on the chart below.
Choose the same number for both the blue & gray jersey and indicate on your order form.
Birth Month of Player     Jersey Number Choice
January                              1-8
February                            9-16
March                                17-24
April                                  25-32
May                                   33-40
June                                  41-49
July                                   50-58
August                               59-67
September                         68-75
October                             76-83
November                          84-91
December                          92-99 

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