2021-22 Winter Indoor Rosters/Schedules

U6, U8, U10, U12, U14, U16/19 Coed Recreation Rosters: coming soon

coming soon

If your child's team is the HOME team on the schedule, they will wear the RYSA BLUE shirt and if they are the AWAY team, they will wear the RYSA GRAY shirt. 

If your child does have the RYSA Blue & Gray shirts from a previous season and you need to order them, you can do so by clicking on the "Uniform" tab under "Site Contents". There may be shipping delays, so if your uniform doesn’t arrive by game day, your child can wear any royal blue or gray t-shirt until your uniform arrives.

All players will need to wear soccer shin guards, soccer socks, & any athletic style shorts. Cleats are not allowed on the indoor field - tennis shoes or soccer turf/indoor shoes are fine. 

Reminder – there are no practices with the winter indoor season.

2021-22 Winter Indoor


U6 & U8 Registration fee is $80.00 per player (uniform not included).
U10-U19 Registration fee is $80.00 per player (uniform not included)

Registration closes November 11th 
The season runs from December-February


There are NO PRACTICES, Games only. Coed Rec games are played on weekends.
For additional information on our coed youth league:

Team Formation: Teams are formed on a draft system where every attempt is made to form balanced & fair teams; therefore, the only special request that will be honored will be siblings on the same team.
We will do our best to form each age group but we do reserve the right to merge age groups if needed.
Academy & Select players in the coed rec division: Any players who are select or academy players will be spread out evenly amount all the teams. Requests for select or academy players to play on the same team will not be honored-No Exceptions.

 **NO CLEATS allowed in Indoor**

UNIFORMS: The winter indoor uniform is the RYSA Blue & Gray shirts. If your child currently has the RYSA Blue & Gray shirts, you will not need to order anything. If you need to order the Blue & Gray shirts - click on the UNIFORM TAB on the RYSA Website HOMEPAGE (under "site contents") for Ordering INFORMATION and LINK.

Age Groups for Winter 2021-22
Mini Revs - Born in 2018
U6 (6 & under) - Born in 2016 & 2017
U8 (8 & under) - Born in 2014 & 2015
U10 (10 & under) - Born in 2012 & 2013
U12 (12 & under) - Born in 2010 & 2011
U14 (14 & under) - Born in 2008 & 2009
U16/U19 (19 & under) - Born 2003-2007


High School Boys (birth years 2003-2008) - 6v6
High School Girls (birth years 2003-2008) - 6v6

 For teams/players looking to keep up their touches and get some additional time together, we offer our competitive leagues. Bring your team!
The high school U15-U19 League will play 6v6 and will have a girls division and separate boys division.

Competitive teams will play weeknight games including Fridays as late as 10:00 or 10:30pm, and Saturday & Sunday games as early as 8:00am and as late as 10:30pm.

Team Registration is open now through November 11th at 5:0pm.
Team Fee - $700.00
($100 non-refundable deposit required to hold your spot)
(The team coach/manager will collect fees from players and pay RYSA one payment)

You may pay with a credit card, check or cash. If paying by check, please write one check to RYSA, don’t turn in individual player checks or cash. 
Registration Instructions:
This is a team registration. The main registration and payment will be done by the person who will be in charge of the team. This can be the coach, team manager, team captain, etc., but this person is responsible for collecting the registration money from all the players on his/her team and making the payment to RYSA.
Once the team is registered you will be given a team code which you will give to all your players, and they will use that team code to register to your team.

CLICK HERE to register a team

**Important Additional Information: CLICK HERE

Questions - email admin@rysa.net or info@rysa.net

 **NO CLEATS allowed in Indoor**

Recreation Uniform Ordering Information

All Recreation uniforms are ordered online via our web store with Soccer.com. Players will order one blue shirt and one gray shirt. These shirts can be reused for subsequent seasons. You will only need to purchase a new set of shirts if your child is moving from U8 to U10. U10-U19 uniforms require a number on the back but U6 & U8 do not. See the information below for instructions on how to order a uniform for your child. 
If you have difficulty with ordering online - please call 877-308-7989 and say you need to place your order for "Rockdale Youth Soccer-Rec".

Our U6 and U8 players wear the blue and gray t-shirts. (Home team wears blue and Away team wears gray)
If your child is a previous player and the uniform still fits, you do not need to order a new one. 
All new players are required to purchase this kit.
You have the option to order shorts & socks through the web store but you are not required to purchase them from soccer.com

CLICK HERE to order your t-shirt kit for U6 and U8. (Look for U6 & U8 kit link in the drop down)

Our U10 through U19 players wear the blue and gray dry fit shirts. (Home team wears blue and Away team wears gray)
If your child is a previous player and the uniform still fits, you do not need to order a new one. 

All new players and players moving up from U8 to U10 are required to purchase this kit.
You have the option to order shorts & socks through the web store but you are not required to purchase them from soccer.com
CLICK HERE to order your uniform for U10 - U19. (Look for U10-U19 uniform link in the drop down)

JERSEY NUMBERS – You must choose a jersey number for your child based on the chart below, Choose the same number for both the blue and the gray jersey and indicate on your order form.

Player's Birth Month 

Jersey Number

























SIZING – Sizing charts are available on the ordering site.
DELIVERY TIMES – Soccer.com estimates a 7-10 day delivery period.


CLICK HERE to order RYSA Spiritwear


Recreation Soccer General Information
The recreational program is considered a learning program. The philosophy is for players to develop a love for the game of soccer while learning new skills and having fun with new friends.
The recreational program is for all players, new or experienced, from ages 4-18.
Registration for the recreational level is open to all boys and girls to play. No tryouts are held in recreational soccer. The recreational teams are coached by volunteers, usually a parent of one of the team players.
Team Formation
The teams are formed by a computer-generated blind draft based on the number of seasons played. All Under 10 (U10) and above teams will stay together for the Fall and Spring season, and in the Spring season, new players will be added to teams to fill in for players who do not return from the Fall. Under 6 (U6) and Under 8 (U8) teams are redrafted each season. 
There are two seasons for recreation outdoor soccer a year, the Fall season which typically starts games the weekend after Labor Day and the Spring season which usually starts games the first weekend of March. Each season has approximately 8-10 games.
U12 and older teams may be required to travel outside of RYSA to play games. If there are not enough RYSA teams in a season, the RYSA teams will be interleague scheduled to play against other neighboring Ga Soccer Clubs which would require the teams to travel for half of their games and the other half of their games would be played at RYSA.
We also offer Winter Indoor Recreation Soccer. Please check the Indoor Section for more information.
Practices usually start one week before the first game. Most games are scheduled on Saturdays starting as early as 8:00 am and the last games typically will not start after 5:00 pm on Saturday. There may be a few games on Friday evenings starting after 6:00 pm and there could be a Sunday afternoon game or 2 during the season, with all Sunday games starting after 1pm.
Under 6 (U6) and Under 8 (U8) teams practice once a week, Under 10 (U10) and older teams may practice twice a week. Recreation players should be ready to commit to attending the practice sessions during the week and also the games on the weekends for the entire season.
The objective of the programs at RYSA shall be to implant firmly in the youth of the community the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, and reverence so that they may be finer, stronger, and healthier youths and will grow into good, clean, and healthy adults. The objective shall be achieved by providing supervised competitive soccer matches subject to the rules of the US Soccer (USSF), United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA), the Georgia State Soccer Association (GSSA), and the Georgia Youth Soccer Association (GYSA). It is one of the foremost objectives that the attainment of exceptional athletic skill or winning the match is secondary and the molding of future adults is the true purpose of the program.
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