Supplemental Tryouts For Select This Wednesday, June 12th

Did you miss tryouts? We will hold a supplemental tryout on Wednesday 12th June from 6:30 pm- 8pm on Independence field for players that were unable to attend Select tryouts this past week. Please pay attention to your emails incase we have to change plans due to inclement weather. All players must register for tryouts - Click HERE to register

We have a few spots open on the below teams:

U15 boys-(born in 2005)
U16 boys-(born in 2004)
U17 boys-(born in 2003)
U17 girls-mainly goalkeepers (born in 2003)
U19 girls-(born in 2001 or 2002)
U19 boys- All players that registered for tryouts need to attend(born in 2001 or 2002)

U19 Boys and Girls acceptance emails will be sent out once the supplemental tryout is complete

Questions - email our DOC, Keion Yearwood at

Coaching Staff for the 2019-2020 season: CLICK HERE

The RYSA Select Program

The RYSA Select Program (U13-U19) is for players wishing to play at a higher level. The RYSA Select Program provides players with a highly competitive level of play. The RYSA coaching staff evaluates the skills, potential and enthusiasm of each player. A serious commitment is required to participate in the select program. Players are asked to commit to two or three practices per week and one to two games each weekend during the season. Additionally, teams may participate in various tournaments, sometimes traveling out of state. Each Select team at RYSA is coached by a professionally licensed coach.

Age Groups for the 2019-2020 Academy/Select season

Age Groups for the 2019-2020 Academy Select season

Age Group            Born on or After
2012 (1/1/12-12/31/12)
U9                         2011 (1/1/11-12/31/11)
U10                       2010 (1/1/10-12/31/10)
U11                       2009 (1/1/09-12/31/09)
U12                       2008 (1/1/08-12/31/08)
U13                       2007 (1/1/07-12/31/07)
U14                       2006 (1/1/06-12/31/06)
U15                       2005 (1/1/05-12/31/05)
U16                       2004 (1/1/04-12/31/04)
U17                       2003 (1/1/03-12/31/03)
U18                       2002 (1/1/02-12/31/02)
U19                       2001 (1/1/01-12/31/01)

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