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Frequently asked questions about RYSA Academy:

    When are the evaluations?
Evaluations will be held in May. Players must attend both days. If unable to attend please email the RYSA Director of Coaching.


      Will there be cuts?
All players interested in playing at the Academy level are encouraged to join. Everyone participating in the evaluation will be placed in the program with peers of similar age and skill.

      What are the expenses?
Monthly club dues are required at the beginning of each of the 10 months, August through May. There is also a separate registration cost required at the beginning of each season.

      What about their uniform?
RYSA Academy and Select uniforms are purchased every 2-3 years as styles are discontinued by the manufacturer. New uniforms were ordered for 2006-07 and will be good through the 2008-2009 season. There will be a fitting night scheduled in June. The required uniform includes 2 shorts, 2 shirts, and 2 socks. Other optional items such as training suits and bags will also be available.

      How often do the players train?
U10 Academy players train twice per week, U11 players 2-3 times per week, and U12 players train 3 times per week. Training will begin with pre-season team training that all players are expected to attend; this will begin in late July. Regular weekly training will start at the beginning of August.

      Where are the games and when do they start?
Academy games are held on weekends, generally Saturdays and a few Sunday afternoons. Games are held at RYSA, and other clubs in the Metro Atlanta area. The fall season will begin the Saturday after Labor Day. Game schedules will be available about 2 weeks prior to the season.

      Do Academy teams participate in tournaments?
Tournaments will be decided by the coaching staff based on the level of the team. The cost of each tournament is divided across the number of players and is typically in the $20 - $35 per player range.

      How do I stay informed about what is going on in the program?
Parent Meetings will be held throughout the year to inform parents of upcoming activities and educate them on developmental soccer. Parents are expected to make every effort to attend. Program information is also updated on the Academy page of the RYSA website ( and you are encouraged to check that frequently.


We look forward to working with you and your child during the upcoming year!


If you have other questions regarding RYSA Academy, please email