1. Please arrive at field at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled kickoff.
  2. Bring all soccer equipment; soccer shoes, both uniforms, shinguards, ball and water.
  3. Please “release” your child with ALL items to the coaching staff for organized warm-up. Parents will be asked to go to other side of field at this time.




  1. Please remember where you are and what is going on at all times.  This is a game for the kids.  Do not do anything that will take away from them having a positive experience.
  2. Please DO NOT COACH your kid or any others from the sidelines.
  3. Please do not yell at the referee no matter how bad he/she is.
  4. Please do not yell at opposing players, coach, or parents.
  5. Please do not yell or cheer excessively while play is going on, try to wait until the play has completed before cheering.
  6. Please be positive on the sidelines. If you have nothing positive to say, then say nothing.
  7. Please stay on parent side of field unless coach calls for you or in case of emergency situation.
  8. It is important to support your child and encourage them in athletics in the proper manner.  Don’t go overboard at this age.  Soccer is a very difficult sport, and your child as well as all others will make more mistakes than not.  The important things are the fun they are having, the exercise that comes with playing, and the development of playing an organized sport with other kids.
  9. PLEASE down play the importance of winning or losing these games.  The idea is to compete in order to improve.





  1. Technical ability (aka ball skills);  Control of ball, dribbling – to keep possession, and to beat defenders, passing, and shooting
  2. Positional shape; 6v6 and 8v8
  3. Possession of ball.
  4. Players playing all positions
  5. Ample playing time for all


IN GENERAL:  please do not approach coaches on gameday unless there is an emergency.  They will be very busy organizing the team.  


Thank you for your support.