RYSA U12 Girls Training in England

RYSA’s U12 Girls are traveling to England this weekend to train with the Wolverhampton Academy the week of Spring Break. “This is a fantastic opportunity for these girls,” said Mauran. “They achieved a great deal of success on the field last year going to 6 finals in the 9 tournaments they played. They conducted themselves like champions both on and off the field all season. The girls truly deserve this opportunity. They will be great ambassadors for RYSA and great ambassadors for the game of soccer.” RYSA’s Academy Coach of the Year, Michelle Bird, will lead the girls across the pond. “This truly is an honor for the girls,” Bird said. “They have trained hard all season, played hard all season and had a lot of fun all season. What a tremendous privilege this is for them. I don’t know who is more excited about the trip—them or me!”

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