Message from the RYSA President

To the loyal membership of the Rockdale Youth Soccer Association,

I write this letter with a full heart as I am honored to have been elected to be The New President of this historic organization. I’d like to thank you all for taking an active role in your park by helping determine your club’s leadership. I so appreciate the incredible amount of support that I have received throughout this process and continue to receive. There are a few of you who could not even wait for the results of the election to come in before flooding me with ideas and requesting opportunities to volunteer. This was so exciting and inspiring for me and that attitude is exactly what we need around here, people willing to give of themselves in the name of our children. Taking our organization to another level will take all of our full efforts. I will be sure to give you my very best as I have done for RYSA to date. I will be open to hear from all that wish to help us make this place better than ever before. I have solicited direction from one of RYSA’s original founders as well as the trustees of this land where RYSA rests. I have met with our Director of Coaching as well as a great majority of our staff here and we have set our goals to impact this community so high that we must evolve to be a better organization to achieve these goals. We must know going in that this will be an uncomfortable process at times but hard work is never easy. If we limit our ability to serving this community to what we can currently accomplish, we will never meet our full potential. We all agree that better is always possible and I am sure that you agree your kids deserve it. I intend for this program to be set on path to be a landmark in Conyers, Ga. as well as a landmark in the soccer community for years to come.

I’ve been asked why I would be willing to take on a huge task such as President for this organization and the answer is easy, it is because I love this place. I see a place where any child, given the opportunity, supported by loved ones, may never be a great soccer player but will become a great person. The proof is walking around our park daily. Many of you have grown up in this park and know the many lessons of hard work, teamwork, respect, and comradery you acquired right here. Our kids deserve the same opportunity you were given and we are capable of giving them even more if we all work together. At RYSA, this father found another way to bond with his son in sports. The frustrations of helping to launch a new business went away each night I spent my evening coaching children and enjoying the dialog with many of their parents. I found a really cool place to see my own children grow and watching their personality and relationships develop. From my son playing in the Select, the Recreation, and indoor programs here to my daughter assisting in the concession stand a time or two with The Carrasquillo Family who we are proud have. At RYSA, my wife and I found a safe and wonderful place to enjoy watching the small children play the game we love when we though we couldn’t have any more children to just finding out that we will be blessed with a baby girl who will play for RYSA one day. RYSA has become a large part of my family. There is never a day that I travel home on I-20 and do not feel the magnetic pull of this property. By the end of my time as RYSA President, I hope you too will discover the magnetic powers of this place.

As in all families, there will be debate which I welcome, there may even at times be conflict, but these times should be seen as opportunities for growth and progress, not a time to be entrench in an idea of what WE feel is right. If you are receiving this email, this is YOUR Park, this is YOUR Club! RYSA has a rich history in this community and our future should be no different. We owe it to the children of Rockdale and the families that travel from beyond Rockdale, to exhaust all opportunities to be the best Youth Soccer Association in Georgia and with your help, we will do just that.

I make the commitment to you now, the easy way may gain consideration but it will never be the motivating factor in the NEW standard here at RYSA.

Rodney C. Williams – RYSA President

“Leadership is an action, not a position”Donald McGannon

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